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I know this is the right place for me. I know it when Michelle's insights feel like she has read my soul, so resonant are her words with my own experiences. And when other women show me I am not alone on this journey. It's as though I've been so focused on one thing that I don't recognize that I can be validated by others,that I don't need his approval of my feelings, that I am not bad or crazy or guilty. Just weary.

Thanks, Michelle as always.

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Michelle, your message ALWAYS comes at the perfect time for me. I have listened to your words of encouragement for several years, made big changes and this episode reminded plus validated my feelings and to take care of myself as #1.

Thank you....

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I am the addict.

My husband gave me an ultimatum last night.

Him or Percocet.

I want him.

I want time with my grandchildren.

I want a life.

I need help.

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I am so glad you are back Michelle! I have so missed loa, it helped me so much when I was with my husband who struggles with addiction. Now we are seperated and, I know here I'll find the support to recover and find myself again.

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Would you mind if i posted a poem from when i was with a chronic alcoholic? If it's not the place would I be able to send it to you privitely. You guided me an the poem is raw an real.

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